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Riskalyze Quiz

What's your number?
The first step is to answer a 5-minute questionnaire that covers topics such as portfolio
size, top financial goals, and what you’re willing to risk for potential gains. Then we’ll
pinpoint your exact Risk Number(1-99) to guide our decision making process.

What does your risk number mean?

Let’s talk about risk.
Subjective risk questionnaires nearly always miss the mark. That’s why at Legacy Finance we have invested in technologies that help us assess risk for you and your portfolio.

My Process
I combine my depth of investment knowledge, investment philosophy, and cutting-edge technology in order to empower my clients to invest strategically.

How much risk do you want?
We take a quantitative approach to pinpointing your Risk Number by going through a series of objective exercises based on actual dollar amounts.

How much risk do you have?
If you’ve already got an investment portfolio, we can quickly import it and see if your Risk Number aligns with your current portfolio risk score.

How much should you have?
We’ll use all these factors to build an optimized portfolio that fits your risk tolerance and goals, giving you the best chance for success.

But, what if…
Don’t worry; we can also stress test your portfolio against specific market conditions, illustrate various scenarios, and set expectations for what is normal behavior for your investment portfolio.

Together, we can take the guesswork out of your financial future.