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Annual Client Meetings


Welcome to our Annual Client Meetings! Here’s what you can expect and what you need to prepare for a productive session:


1. Updates on Legacy Finance: Stay informed about the latest developments in the financial landscape.
2. Review of Services: Gain insights into the array of services we offer to enhance your financial well-being.
3. Client Portfolio Analysis: In-depth examination of your assets, income, estate information, family updates, and beneficiaries.

Pre-Meeting Checklist:

1. Complete Risk Tolerance Questionnaire: Assess your risk tolerance(button below).
2. Complete 2023 Taxes: Ensure your tax filings for the year 2023 are completed for a comprehensive financial overview.

What to Bring:

1. 2023 or Most Recent Tax Return: Ensure you bring a copy for a comprehensive financial review.
2. Copy of Trust: If applicable, provide documentation for trust-related considerations.
3. List of Current Assets: Prepare a detailed list of your current assets for thorough assessment.
4. Recent Statements for Current Assets: Bring the most recent statements for a real-time evaluation.

We look forward to a successful and insightful Annual Client Meeting. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. See you there!

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We Can't Wait to see you!