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Show Love by Estate Planning in February

Show Love by Estate Planning in February

January 16, 2024

Here are 5 ways to show your love this February!

Sprinkle some financial love this February with these sweet moves:

1. Start with an “I love you will” – a simple way to express your devotion by leaving everything to your spouse (and a nod to the kiddos). It may lack the flair of trust or tax planning, but hey, it’s better than no will at all!

2. Trusts are like the Cupids of financial security – ensure your loved ones are taken care of post your journey to the financial afterlife. Trusts can be the matchmakers that dole out funds over time and shield your heirs from unforeseen financial storms.

3. Show your life insurance some love – review your policy beneficiaries and chat with your advisor to ensure it’s a swoon-worthy coverage. After all, you want your dear ones to keep living the good life even if you’re not in the picture.

4. Don’t let beneficiary designations ghost you – peek into your retirement accounts and make sure they align with your overall estate plan. Who’ll be managing that tax liability on your hefty retirement stash?

5. Plan a yearly rendezvous with your financial advisor – keeping the flame alive by discussing your assets and goals. It’s the key to a financially ever-after.


Go beyond the traditional expressions of love and show your enduring affection by securing the future for those you cherish. We believe in turning love into a legacy through thoughtful estate planning.

Reach out to us, and let’s weave a tapestry of financial security and affection for your loved ones. Because true love lasts a lifetime and beyond.

We hope your February is full of love; from all of us at Legacy Finance!