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Disability & Long-term Care

Adverse health conditions bring financial burdens through income loss, medical expenses, and additional costs like rehabilitation and assistive devices. Beyond the financial toll, they inflict emotional and psychological strain, place caregiving responsibilities on loved ones, and lead to social isolation and uncertainty. Effective financial planning and support networks are vital in managing the multifaceted challenges that come with health issues.

Our Process

Can you afford not to work for an extended period of time?

Our History

Do you have coverage for disability or long-term care at work?

Our Values

Have you had a family member that needed long-term care when they got older?

Paycheck Protection

Just like your home, car, and life, it is equally important to insure your paycheck. Disability insurance is a way to protect your paycheck if something were to happen to you and you were unable to work for a period of time.

Coverage Analysis

Through our financial planning services, we can help to analyze your current work plan coverage. We will identify your current benefits, their portability, determine how they fit in your current plan, and recommend any additional needs.

Estate Protection

You may personally understand the financial and emotional toll of having someone needing care. There are various ways you can help protect your estate during such an unpredictable time and alleviate stress for your loved ones.