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Stacia Josephson, MA

Stacia Josephson, MA

Client Services Manager

Stacia was born and raised in the city of Modesto, California. She showed an early aptitude for mathematics, and after graduating from high school, she decided to pursue her degree at Fresno State University and earned her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. Stacia had a passion for teaching from a young age and taught mathematics at the high school level for six years inspiring and educating young minds. She then decided to pursue a Master's degree in Mathematics Education at Fresno Pacific University.

Despite enjoying her teaching career, Stacia decided to switch careers to the financial world in 2022. She had always been interested in personal finance and budgeting and saw an opportunity to apply her skills and expertise to help others in this area. She now works in the finance industry, as a client services manager. In this role she is committed to providing exceptional customer service to create a smooth client experience from start to finish. This includes helping clients through the process of opening a new account, monitoring that the process is completed in a timely manner, and addressing any queries they may have along the way.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Stacia is an active volunteer at her church. She is dedicated to helping others in her community and enjoys using her skills and knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. In her free time, Stacia loves to visit Disneyland, where she finds joy in the magical atmosphere and all the wonders of the park.

Overall, Stacia is a passionate and dedicated individual who has found success in multiple fields. Her love of learning and helping others has led her to make a positive impact in both the education and financial sectors, and her commitment to volunteer work demonstrates her desire to give back to her community.